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"Weird, wonderful and stunningly beautiful, something spooky, something kooky and always camp!

Envy will take you to irreverent cultural phenomenon through to raw theatrical splendour. 

This rising star not only has live vocals and moves to blow your socks off, but creates extraordinary looks to dazzle her audience.

Give her a microphone, stage or a bit of fire and be prepared to see what one of London’s most booked drag queens does best"


3rd July 2020

With trying times often come change and renewal. In this time of industry collapse, artist struggle, and the world generally being a shit show; old loves die and new ones arouse. It gives me much pleasure to reveal a re-brand that I have been perched on for a number of months now, and so with great excitement I present to you the same queen you have always known and loved, but revamped for a new era.






(yes just one name… like Cher)

Put aside the dry dusty bones of Johnny and become green with Envy.


I chose the name Johnny bones very early in my drag career and ever since I have wondered if it really represents the direction I wish my career to go. I am an entirely different person now and as the industry is at a standstill with the end in sight, it felt like the perfect opportunity to come out of this nightmare a new queen.


So with respect and love I ask that all following bookings, marketing and correspondence now refer to me as Envy, or ‘Envy FKA Johnny Bones’ when necessary.

My socials /email will also all be updated and shall now be under the tag


Instagram : @envythequeen_

Facebook : @envythequeenofficial

Twitter : @envythequeen_

Email : envy@envythequeen.com


E, xxx


3rd August 2020

Envy’s brand new solo show!  


Take a journey threw song, lip-syncs and some gentle rocking back and forth as Envy drowns you in the self-involved depths of a queen trying to do everything she can to make it big!


Expect musicals, pop covers, freakshow, fire, breakdowns and emotional devastation.


Envy is a sin, and she’ll do anything she can to prove that to you( do anything for your love)


Show is set to hit venues in august/September

UPDATE - 16th October  - Sell out performance at the gorgeous glory, more dates to announce for November /December

Virtual Bonanzas!

October 30th 2020

With a looming UK lockdown and all our favourite venues closing for the foreseeable now is the time to book your private or corporate party for a little bit of zoom fun! 

Offering comedy bingo, musical bingo, Christmas events, full performance slots and roasting the house down zoom call, all are available by the tips of your typing fingers - inquiries at envy@envythequeen.com 


November 2nd 2020

Check out channel 4's Adult Material episode 4 in the last section of the show, you'll spot your girl Envy, making a little guest spot as Mc of the club. 

Envy is one of our most thrilling performers. They have the looks, the moves, the hutzpah and the professionalism in one glittering package. A true creative jewel.

 John Sizzle,Co-Owener The Glory

Envy is everything I love about Drag! She pushes herself and the craft constantly whilst always remaining true to herself! Grateful, honest and a DAMN fine performer. All hail Envy!

Glyn Fussel, Sink The Pink, East Creative Agency



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